Quick guide to SABEResPODER services

At SABEResPODER, we’re committed to providing relevant and valuable information to the Hispanic community living in the U.S. With this goal in mind, we’ve set up a free messaging service so you can contact SABEResPODER and get whatever support you may need.

Below, you’ll find a quick guide with keywords that you can text to 72237. Simply text the keywords you’re interested in and you’ll receive relevant resources. At SABEResPODER, we offer information on a range of topics, including health, finance, education and much more.

SABEResPODER’s free messaging service keywords:

  • SABER – Get in touch with SABEResPODER to ask questions about different topics such as education, health, finances, immigration and more.

  • AYUDA – Get support and general information about the SABEResPODER platform and services.

  • PANELISTA – Join SABEResPODER’s "Rewards Center." As a member, you can take surveys and earn money for sharing your opinion.

  • PERFIL – Fill out a profile survey after joining SABEResPODER’s "Rewards Center." This step is important because it determines which surveys you’re eligible to participate in.

  • FARMA – Get healthcare discounts on prescription drugs and find low-cost medications through SABEResPODER’s service.

  • STOP – Unsubscribe from the free SABEResPODER empowerment platform.

  • BALANCE – Find out how much money you’ve earned on SABEResPODER. Simply click on the link you receive and you’ll see how much you’ve earned, as well as a list of the surveys you’ve taken.

Remember that SABEResPODER is here to serve you! Just text any of these keywords to 72237.