Smart Online Shopping Tips

Remember when the idea of being able to buy anything from anywhere in the world was just a dream? Today, online shopping opens endless possibilities for consumers! However, as purchasing from e-retailers continues to grow in popularity, it’s ever more crucial for you to keep your personal and financial information safe! Follow this helpful guide to maximize your savings when buying online while protecting both your identity and your wallet!

The Advantages of Shopping Online

We asked and the community responded! In a recent SABEResPODER survey, we asked hundreds of members in our community about their experiences with online shopping and the results were compelling! According to our survey results, the five most common benefits of online shopping were:

  1. Easy and fast price comparison
  2. Access to discounts and special offers
  3. Home delivery
  4. Time flexibility — shop at any time of the day or night
  5. Access to product reviews and recommendations from other buyers

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3 Tips for Online Shopping

Another thing we found in our survey is that customer satisfaction levels have a lot to do with which online retailer you choose to buy from. Regardless of where you shop online, here are three important tips to make smarter online purchases while keeping your data safe:

  1. Make sure that there’s a return/refund policy — preferably within 30 days of your purchase.
  2. Always select websites that start with "https." The additional "s" at the end stands for "security" and it indicates that the website complies with cryptographic security protocols. This extra security measure ensures that your transaction and personal information will be protected and confidential.
  3. Every online retailer you use should offer a toll-free customer service number. They should also be fully transparent with all comments, opinions and reviews about their products.
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