How much does the Latino community spend on health care?

Health care and personal finances are two of the biggest concerns for our community. Unfortunately, these two aspects are intertwined, and some health problems might go untreated due to budgetary concerns.

With an eye on this, SABEResPODER surveyed hundreds of our members to better understand their health care habits. Find out some of the fascinating insights we discovered below!

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Millions of Latinos lack access to health care

It may not come as a surprise to you, but one of the most important pieces of information we discovered is that there is a huge gap in access to quality health care for the Latino community.

As you'll see in the chart below, nearly two-thirds of Latinos do not have health insurance of any kind! If we extrapolate from the most recent census, which showed that there are 62.1 million Latinos in the country, we find that there might be as many as 40 million members of our community that could be in serious financial distress if they experience costly health issues.

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This finding is very concerning, but it becomes even more troubling when we add the fact that 63% of respondents also indicated that they routinely need to purchase prescription medications for themselves or someone in their family.

As you may know, medications can be a significant expense, and without the help of some form of health insurance or discount plan, this can mean thousands of dollars a year.

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Even more concerning is the fact that only 22% of those surveyed mentioned being healthy as the main reason for not buying prescription drugs. The most common reasons we found were not having health insurance (39%) and not seeing a doctor regularly (24%).

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Telemedicine: the future of health care

Telemedicine is the process of conducting medical appointments over the phone or through online video calls. This tool is not precisely new, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption dramatically. Being able to attend a doctor’s appointment from our home, in our language, and at more affordable prices: what more can we ask for?

Fortunately, telemedicine has proven to be an invaluable tool for bringing health services to the people who need it most, reducing costs and making the time of both patients and health care providers more efficient.

The results of our survey show that 78% of the respondents who used telemedicine rate the medical care received as “good”, while the remaining 22% rate it as “neutral”. Even more interesting is that no one rated this type of care as "poor."

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SABEResPODER wants to help!

The answers that our team receives from the surveys in our Rewards Center not only help us better understand the Latino community in the United States; they also let us choose the most relevant information to provide you and, above all, implement programs to help! For this reason, SABEResPODER offers PODERsalud. This program is designed to provide access to the highest quality health services and products to Latinos living in the US. By being part of this program, you’ll get:

  • As many telemedicine appointments as you need

  • Discounts at thousands of pharmacies across the US

  • Preferential rates in dental and vision consultations

  • Much, much more! 

In addition, the telemedicine service that you can access through PODERsalud is available in Spanish. Finding doctors who speak our language can be tricky, but our surveys show that 65% of our users prefer Spanish! So it's worth it.

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One of SABEResPODER’s most valuable assets are the ideas and opinions of our members. Thanks to these, we can fulfill our main objective: to inform our community about the most relevant topics and to develop programs to improve their day-to-day lives.

This is why we created our Rewards Center. By participating, you will have the opportunity to communicate your preferences, which we will use to seek a better future for our community. And the best part is that, in exchange for your time, SABEResPODER will pay you! We encourage you to be part of our program so that, together, we can forge a better future for Latinos in this beautiful and diverse nation.

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