What Is GED and What Is It For?

Have you ever looked for a job in the U.S.? If so, you've probably noticed that many of the most appealing job openings require at least a high school diploma. Known as preparatoria in Mexico, nivel diversificado in Guatemala, and bachillerato in other countries, High School or Secondary Education is the level that precedes college. The GED (General Educational Development) certificate is a means to prove that you’ve reached that level of education. 

Having a GED diploma will increase your chances of finding a better job. In this guide you’ll learn what it is, what the benefits are, and tips on how to complete it.

What is a GED diploma?

A GED diploma is a certificate awarded to individuals who have passed four tests that assess a student's knowledge in different subjects, similar to that obtained during high school education. Many companies and organizations consider the GED diploma to be equivalent to a high school diploma. The four subjects they test are:

  • Mathematical Reasoning 
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts 
  • Social Studies 
  • Science

Benefits of Having a GED Diploma

There are many advantages to earning a GED diploma:

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Imagine the pride you'll feel when showing your diploma to your family members or your current or potential employers! Having a diploma demonstrates your level of knowledge and that you're a responsible person who can work towards a goal and achieve it. 

It Opens Up Opportunities For Further Study

Obtaining a GED diploma can be crucial to your continued education. 97% of all US Universities accept this document as part of their admission requirements, as stated in this report.

Increase Employment Options

Many jobs just require a high school education certificate or GED. In addition, many government organizations—such as the military—require it to join. In short, it strengthens your resume and opens up more professional opportunities!

It Can Mean Earning More Money!

This diploma can improve your chances of raising your income. Some employees have reported having received a raise from their companies just by obtaining it. Others have found new jobs with better pay. The official GED website says that GED graduates can earn up to $9,000 more per year than those without a diploma.

Keep in mind: we invite you to read testimonials from some GED graduates to see for yourself the incredible impact this diploma can have on your life.

How to Get a GED

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Passing the GED tests takes time, effort, and dedication. There’s also a monetary fee that varies depending on your state, but the costs are very affordable overall. Consider the following before starting your journey to earning your GED:

Where to Take the Test

You can show up at any physical location operated by GED Testing Service LLC or take it online. In this state-by-state GED availability table, you’ll find the minimum legal age to take the test, their physical and online testing availability, and even where special discounts are being offered. If your state provides the option to show up for the test, you can find the nearest test administration center by sharing your ZIP code here.

Complete your GED Online

Great news! You can also take the GED tests online from the comfort of your home. All states that offer GED programs have an online option, and the requirements to take the exams are:

  • Computer with a webcam and internet connection
  • A private, closed-door space without distractions
  • Official identification
  • Having passed the GED Ready preparation exams within 60 days

Is It Difficult to Pass?

Since the GED diploma is equivalent to a few years of high school education, the amount of information you'll have to study may seem daunting at first. However, at SABEResPODER, we’re confident that you’ll be able to pass the exam with sufficient effort and dedication. 

Passing the exams will depend on your preparation, so we invite you to read our guide to pass the GED in eight weeks. You’ll see how getting the certificate will be easier if you follow our tips!

Is There a Spanish Version?

Yes! If you feel more comfortable using Spanish, don't worry! The exams to obtain your certificate have been available in English and Spanish for the past few years. 

What Does it Cost to Obtain a GED?

The main cost will be for the tests themselves, and the price varies depending on the state. The cost for all four tests ranges from $60 to $190. For example, in Arizona, each subject costs $35 for the in-person tests and $41 for the online version, while in Kansas, the prices are $33 and $39, respectively. To find the specific price in your state, click here and select your state. 

How Long Will It Take to Complete It?

The GED tests have a specific length per subject, and it’s possible to take them all in one day. Many people choose to take each subject separately to study and feel prepared for each section. Results are delivered the same day you take each test, so the time it takes you to complete this process will depend on your plans.

We recommend that you not rush through this process, and give yourself at least a couple of months to study. 

Keep in mind: This is the time you’ll have for each subject:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: 115 minutes
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts: 150 minutes
  • Social Studies: 70 minutes
  • Science: 90 minutes

Tips for Succeeding in Taking the GED Tests

Our team at SABEResPODER suggests you take into account the following tips:

  1. Schedule daily study sessions and stick to your plan. Sessions should be consistent and free of distractions. Talk to those around you and ask them not to interrupt you while you are studying.
  2. Evaluate yourself with practice tests. Many websites offer GED practice tests (like this one). These tools are essential because, in addition to helping you study the exam topics, they’ll help you become more familiar with the structure of the tests and the types of questions you’ll be asked.
  3. Use the practice tests to find areas of improvement. Don't just look at the final score when taking your trial tests; take note of the questions you got wrong and focus your studies on those topics.
  4. Summarize information. One of the best study techniques is to write summaries of the topics you are learning. The exercise of physically writing them also helps you reason and understand the ideas, making it easier to remember essential facts.
  5. Be calm during the exams. It’s natural to feel stress in critical situations, and we understand that taking tests can fall in that category. But know that it can negatively affect your performance. If you think you may be affected we recommend learning these 25 tips to reduce anxie ty before exams.

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