25 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

With the holiday season right around the corner, one of the most popular questions this time of year is: What gifts should I give my loved ones? To help you pick the perfect presents, the SABEResPODER team created this handy Christmas guide. Keep reading for inspiration and the best Christmas gift ideas for 2021!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. It needs to be something that the recipient will like, shows how much you care, and fits your budget. And even when we find something that meets all these requirements, it might not be just right! To help you out, we compiled the gifts that work for everyone on your list:


Did you know that books are a traditional Christmas gift in Iceland? Gifting a book offers the reader a whole experience. It’s also an opportunity to share your personal tastes and ideas with the special people in your life. 

In our opinion, these are the reasons why books make excellent Christmas gifts:

  • They come in a wide range of genres and formats. No matter who the gift is for, you’ll be able to find one that suits their tastes.
  • Books are almost always affordable. For the most part, books are an inexpensive gift.
  • Reading is a great habit. It’s an activity that brings numerous health benefits. When you give someone a book, you’re providing them with a valuable experience.

Perfumes or colognes

The sense of smell can evoke emotion and memories, and this makes perfume a memorable gift. Since there are fragrances for all tastes and budgets, it’s easy to find the right perfume for your loved one. However, if you’re still not set on gifting perfume to your loved one, we recommend that you read this article with the five reasons why perfumes make the perfect Christmas gift!

A trip or an experience

When choosing the perfect gift, consider thinking outside the box. Trips and experiences make one-of-a-kind Christmas presents. Plus, you can adjust them to your budget and to your recipient’s taste. 

Research shows that most millennials (those born in the 80s and 90s) prefer this type of gift. For those on your list who are between 20 and 40 years old, this type of gift is probably your best bet.


Keeping track of time is essential for all of us. Aside from being functional, watches are elegant accessories that complete any outfit. From automatic watches to innovative smartwatches, we’re sure there’s a perfect watch model for anyone on your list! 


Everyone loves to look fashionable! That’s why garments are one of the most popular gifts for any occasion. Here are a few of the reasons why clothes make excellent Christmas presents: everyone needs them and it’s important to replace them on a regular basis — either because of normal wear and tear or for seasonal reasons.

We know that giving someone clothes can feel intimidating. To find the perfect outfit, you need to know the recipient’s taste and the size they wear. But don’t worry! Most stores allow for exchanges and returns, as long as you keep your receipt.

Custom mugs

Coffee or tea? Either way, mugs make a lovely Christmas gift that people use on a daily basis. And they’re more than just an everyday object! Psychological studies show that people create a strong attachment to their mugs. 

When you want to give someone a memorable item, consider a personalized mug. It’s the type of present that will remind them of you every time they use it. And with so many companies like Vistaprint that offer customization, it’s easy to create a unique present that arrives right at their doorstep. Using a website like Etsy, you can also hire an independent artist to create a custom-made mug.

Cooking utensils 

Cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you know that someone on your list enjoys this popular hobby, choose from one of the many cooking utensils that are available for foodies. For those who don’t cook, consider a wine bottle opener or a coffee maker.

Who to Add to Your Christmas List

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The list above includes generic Christmas gifts that could work for many people on your list. If you need inspiration for a particular person, here are some ideas that might work for you:


Christmas gifts among friends are an excellent way to thank them for their support and remind them how much they mean to you. If you still don’t know what to give one of your friends, these could be great options:

  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant. Many restaurants offer prepaid gift cards. The best thing about these presents is that your friend can decide when to use them. Not sure which restaurant to choose? Don’t worry! You can always give them a prepaid UberEats card. With this present, your friend will be able to choose from hundreds of restaurants and have food delivered right to their home.
  • A box of artisanal chocolates. Most people love chocolate — especially if it’s gourmet! There are many fine chocolatiers across the country. Many of these also have online shops and home delivery, in case you don’t have a local chocolatier nearby.
  • A good bottle of wine. Many people consider wine the best gift for any occasion, and Christmas is not the exception. If your friend enjoys wine, there are thousands of options to choose from. With a little research, you can find a quality bottle that fits your budget.


For many, dad is the most challenging person on their list. If none of the previous options seem like the right gift for your father, here are other ideas for their perfect Christmas present:

  • An electric shaver. For most men, shaving is a daily task. And while it only takes a few minutes of their day, it can be tedious and complicated without the proper tools. Today’s electric shavers make everyday grooming more enjoyable and could save dad time in the mornings.
  • A wallet. This popular men’s accessory is as much of a need as it is a statement piece. From traditional leather wallets to modern alternatives, there are countless options for you to choose from.
  • A Swiss knife. Since the 19th Century, Victorinox has been the official knife provider of the Swiss army. Its products have also become essentials to men all around the world. From the iconic Swisschamp with its 33 functions to the compact and lightweight Swisscard, the Victorinox catalog offers thousands of options for Christmas.


Mothers are always at the top of our Christmas list, but finding the right gift for them can be a challenge. Being a mom is a tough job that deserves a special gift this holiday season. To thank your mom for everything she does, we recommend the following Christmas presents:

  • Scented candles. Lighting a scented candle in the bath or while reading a good book is a relaxing ritual for mom. It helps her feel cozy and happy at home. If you don’t know which candle to choose, we recommend this article that lists 15 of the best-known brands in the market.
  • Custom-made jewelry. Most moms like jewelry. To make this gift extra special, consider adding an engraved message. There are online stores that custom engrave beautiful jewelry. For an extra special touch, you can also give mom these bracelets that turn your own handwriting into a piece of fine jewelry.
  • A spa day. Mom has cared for us since we were born. That’s why giving her a day to get pampered is an excellent idea. Most spas offer gift cards that mom can then exchange when she needs a self-care day. And websites like Groupon offer great discounts from many spas. All you have to do is find one near you.


Many grandparents look forward to Christmas because it’s an opportunity to gather with the entire family. Including them in your Christmas list is a must. If you need gift ideas for the eldest family members, here are three that they’re sure to love:

  • A video chatting device. Everyday life and distance can make it difficult for you to visit your grandparents as much as you’d like. Thanks to modern technology, you can stay in touch with them and fill their days with virtual joy. That’s why virtual assistants with a screen are a great option for grandparents. With an easy interface and clear voice commands, Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub are great devices for grandparents who enjoy video chatting.
  • Warm clothing. Age affects our basal metabolic rate and makes us more susceptible to cold weather. That’s why warm clothing is an excellent Christmas gift for grandparents. From knit hats to thermic shoes, we’re sure that your grandparents will appreciate this thoughtful present.
  • DNA test. If your grandparents love to talk about your family history, a DNA test could help them learn more about their ancestors. Companies like Ancestry and 23andMe offer genetic tests that provide information on your ethnic background. With a simple swab sample that you send by mail, these companies can even help you create a genetic tree.


Oftentimes, our siblings are our first and only best friends. If you want to stop scratching your head about what to give them this Christmas, here are some ideas for siblings of all ages:

  • Sunglasses. These essential accessories are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re available in many styles and price points. If you want to find the right ones for your sibling’s face shape, take a look at this guide.
  • A thermic cup. Whether your sibling’s favorite drink is hot or cold, a thermic cup will keep their beverages at the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. These types of reusable cups help lower your carbon footprint, making it the right gift for both your sibling and the environment!
  • A custom-made kitchen towel with a family recipe. This heartwarming gift idea is extra meaningful if you have a handwritten recipe from a special family member. With the recipe printed onto this kitchen towel, this gift is sure to bring tears of joy to your sibling’s Christmas.


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Kids are usually the most excited about opening Christmas presents. Thankfully, they’re also very outspoken about what they want for this special holiday. But, if you want to surprise the little ones in your family, here are three great Christmas gift ideas:

  • A subscription box that encourages their creativity. Subscription boxes are services that deliver monthly packages with a specific theme. When it comes to the youngest family members, there are a variety of subscription boxes to choose from. Best of all, they all help kids tap into their creativity and encourage learning.
  • A decoder ring. We all love figuring out secrets! With a decoder ring, you’ll be able to write secret messages that only the kids will be able to read. And if you want to get creative, you can use this gift to write chores in code and make these tasks more fun for children.
  • A smartwatch for kids. Excess use of electronic devices can have negative effects on all of us, and children are not the exception. With a kids’ smartwatch, you can help children feel connected while limiting their screen time. Aside from being fun, they offer GPS localization that helps you know where children are at all times.

Finally, Here’s How You Can Avoid Internet Scams This Christmas Season

One of our main goals at SABEResPODER is to help keep our community safe. This is why the links provided above come from reliable sources.

To continue in this mission, we’d like to remind you to stay safe while you shop online this Christmas season. With these recommendations, you can avoid falling prey to scams:

  • Double-check exchange and return policies from merchants. Online sellers must have policies that allow you to return or exchange damaged items.
  • Only use safe payment methods. When shopping online, it’s best to use credit cards and only buy from well-known platforms. Stay away from sellers who only accept alternative payment methods such as direct deposit, crypto, or gift cards.
  • Don’t make payments or transactions outside of trustworthy platforms. If you choose to process your payments outside of reliable platforms like Ebay, you’ll give up the protections that these platforms offer.
  • Research product and seller reviews. Doing a search that includes the name of the seller or product and the words “scam” or “complaint” can help you find bad reviews from other buyers.

We hope that this guide helps you find great ideas for your Christmas shopping. We also hope that your gifts are a hit and bring joy to you and everyone on your list. Happy holidays! And remember that #SABEResPODER.