How to Send Money Using Your Smartphone

If you’re looking for the quickest and most efficient way to send money to family and friends, the answer could be in the palm of your hand. Using your cell phone, you can complete money transfers without visiting an establishment or creating multiple bank accounts. Our step-by-step guide provides valuable information on the most convenient mobile apps to send money transfers in just the click of a button!

Why Use Your Cell Phone to Send Money

Money transfers through a mobile app are a modern way to pay for items or send money to loved ones. You can send money abroad or within the United States using your credit or debit card and your smartphone. Your beneficiary can receive money in a matter of minutes, without having to pick it up in person or fill out any complicated forms.

The Best Apps to Send Money Using Your Cell Phone

There are many mobile apps that you can use to send money transfers. To find the right one for you, it’s important to identify your own needs and understand the options available. These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing the best app for your transfers:

  • Where does the recipient live?
  • Do they have a smartphone?
  • Do I need to send them cash?
  • How quickly do the funds need to arrive?
  • How much does the app charge for this service?
  • What is the dollar amount that I want to send?
  • Are there any additional fees involved with this transfer?


PODERcard is the complete financial solution designed without community in mind. From the comfort of your app and at no cost to you, PODERcard allows you to complete the following transactions:

  • Send and receive money instantly between PODERcard users
  • Send a personalized check by mail to any person or business
  • Pay bills using our Bill Pay service
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs
  • Make purchases in-person or online
  • Receive bank transfers (the beneficiary doesn’t pay anything for this service, but the sender’s bank may charge a fee)
  • Receive direct deposit payments
  • And more!

Without any monthly maintenance fees, no forms to fill, or phone calls to make, PODERcard is the best option to send funds by phone and protect your money.


Wise is an international money transfer company that allows you to send funds from the United States to more than 80 countries around the world. This app accepts several payment methods, including: credit or debit card, wire transfers and international wire transfers using a SWIFT code.

When you use Wise to transfer funds, you’ll have to pay a fixed fee and a percentage of the dollar amount sent. These costs will vary depending on the place where you’re sending money and how much you send. For international transfers, this app uses the interbank exchange rate.


The electronic wallet, PayPal, also has its own app for international transfers. This app is called Xoom, and it’s used to send money, reload prepaid phone cards, and pay bills in more than 160 countries around the world. 

One of the biggest advantages of Xoom is that it offers three different methods for your beneficiaries to receive their money:

  • As a direct deposit to a bank account
  • In cash for them to pick up at a location
  • Home delivery

When you process your transfer, the app will automatically let you know the cost of the transaction and how much your beneficiary will receive in their local currency.


Zelle is a network service that allows you to transfer money from your bank account directly to other accounts. Even if your recipient banks with a different institution, they can receive the transfer in minutes. 

Many banks offer access to Zelle from their own app, but you can also download the Zelle app and use it on its own. This free service is only available in the United States and cannot be used to send money to different countries.

Western Union

The Western Union app is available any time of day, seven days a week. Aside from money transfers, the app also works to pay bills or balances at stores outside of the United States.

Before you complete the transfer, the Western Union app will let you know the exchange rate and the amount that the beneficiary will receive. For your convenience, this app also has an option to save your beneficiary’s information. This makes it easier for you to repeat transactions quickly and safely.

Beneficiaries can receive money in one of three ways:

  • As a direct deposit to a bank account
  • As an in-person cash withdrawal at a Western Union agency
  • Directly into an electronic wallet

These are the payment methods accepted by the Western Union app:

  • Directly from your bank account
  • Using Apple Pay
  • With a credit or debit card


Available in over 130 countries, WorldRemit is a mobile app that offers safe, quick, and low-cost money transfer services. From the United States, you can use WorldRemit to process transfers in more than 70 currencies.

Your beneficiaries can receive the money in cash, as a bank transfer, or as a deposit into an electronic wallet. The WorldRemit app also allows you to reload prepaid phone cards in many different countries.


Available only in the United States, Venmo is a money transfer app for friends and family. There is also a business version of the app for companies that wish to use it as a convenient, electronic payment method.

Venmo doesn’t offer international transfer services. To send and receive money, Venmo users need to have a U.S. bank account and, in some cases, they may also need a social security number to open a Venmo account.

Apple Cash

Apple Cash allows Apple device users to send and receive money with a simple text message. The money received is stored in Apple’s digital wallet.

This service is only available in the United States using credit or debit cards as the payment method. Your beneficiary will receive the money in minutes and can use it at stores or to shop online.

Cash App

Cash App allows you to send and receive money instantly using your phone number, email address, or the unique identifier known as $cashtag. This service includes an optional debit card that allows you to make purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs. The app links directly to your current bank account and can also receive direct deposits.


Azimo is an international money transfer app used to send money to 80 different countries in less than one hour. This service is available 24 hours a day and even on weekends, allowing users to send money without worrying about bank schedules. It offers low rates that vary depending on the country where you’re sending the money.

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay uses instant messaging to send money through the Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp applications. This service is completely free and also allows you to send donations, purchase items in the Facebook Marketplace, or to access virtual events on Facebook Watch.

Facebook Pay accepts PayPal, credit, or debits cards as methods of payment. This service is available in many countries around the world.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a versatile solution to make electronic payments and money transfers. With a simple interface, it allows you to send money to a single person or create a private group to split a bill among several people. It also works to pay at establishments and online stores.

Currently, Google Pay has an integration with Western Union and Wise to send money between the United States, India, and Singapore.

Your bank’s mobile app

Within the United States, most financial institutions are connected through the Zelle network. Using your bank’s app, you may be able to transfer funds between accounts or from one bank to another. These transfers are free and instant, as long as both users are registered on the Zelle platform.

Is It Safe to Send Money Using Your Cell Phone?

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Technology makes it easy to transfer money using your cell phone. However, this convenience can make us complacent and prone to costly errors. For the most part, mobile money transfer methods are safe. However, it’s always best to choose a reputable company if you plan to send money through a mobile app.

To avoid internet fraud, it’s also important to know who you’re sending the money. Don’t send payments to people you don’t know and avoid responding to stranger requests on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks. When making purchases on these platforms, hold off on sending your payment until the seller provides a proof of shipment or until you’ve received your items.

If you use apps that are linked to phone numbers or email addresses, remember to verify that you’re sending money to the right person. Once you’ve sent the funds, it’s difficult or even impossible to get the money bank into your own account.

Manage Your Finances from Your Phone

If you are a PODERcard holder, our app is the easiest way to send and receive money using your cell phone. The other apps mentioned in this article usually require a bank card to process transfers. Fortunately, PODERcard is the debit card designed by SABEResPODER with our community in mind. 

Accessing your PODERcard account is fast and easy. You can do it anytime and anywhere to monitor your expenses, protect your money, and take control of your personal finances.