How to Pay Bills in Mexico From the U.S.

Every immigrant has a to-do list a mile long with tasks related to getting a job, finding housing, filing immigration papers, taking care of family in Mexico, etc. Luckily, there's a solution for all of these problems, even paying bills abroad. That’s right! You can pay for your family’s phone or electricity directly from the United States without sending any money. Find out more about international bill payment services so you can pay utilities and more from the United States.

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What are these services? 

International bill payment services allow customers to make deposits or pay invoices through transfers. Unlike remittances that are essentially cash payments, international services directly deposit the amount into the receiving company’s account. Using these services, your loved ones never have to leave the house to collect the money. 

Keep in mind: Thanks to international bill payment services, you can take care of monthly expenses in Mexico. All you have to do is indicate the company and the bill you’d like to pay.

How do these services work?

Since this method of payment is relatively new, there still aren’t as many options available. Generally, this type of payment is made through a third party, but some companies will let you pay bills in Mexico from the United States. Ask your phone carrier if they offer this service. 

If they don’t offer this option, you can use a financial service company instead. Just keep in mind that this option only applies if the recipient company, the service provider, has an agreement with the financial services company. 

Although payment processes change from one company to another, usually you can pay bills in Mexico online, through a mobile app, by phone, or directly in person. 

Fees, rates, exchange rates, and the time it takes for deposits to clear depend on the operating company and recipient, so make sure you check the terms of services before you make a payment. 

Keep in mind: You can pay Mexican bills in the United States at a bank branch, online using a debit or credit card, by phone, or with an app. Terms and conditions may vary for each company. 

What are the pros and cons?


  • Payments are made directly to the required accounts.

  • Your family members don’t have to leave the house to make payments.

  • There’s no need to use cash.


  • Though costs are lower than wiring money, fees still apply.

  • It may take several business days for the payment to be reflected in the account.

  • Not all companies allow this payment method.

Keep in mind: Cross-border bill pay services have more pros than cons. Just be aware of the terms and fees to decide whether this payment method is right for you.

Breathe Easy

Using these services above, you can keep taking care of your loved ones no matter what side of the border you’re on.

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