Easy exercises you can do at home

It’s no secret that being in good shape is important to staying healthy in the long term. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, shed a few pounds, or improve your overall physical well-being, there’s no time like the present to kick off your fitness journey. The good news is that you don’t need expensive equipment or a fancy gym membership to get started. You can start exercising today right from the comfort of your own home!

We put together a simple guide with easy exercises that you can do at home and tips on how to stay motivated along the way. 

Why is Exercise Important?

Exercising has dozens of important health and lifestyle benefits. When you begin a home workout routine and stick to it, the results and positive changes you notice will keep you going! Lack of time or money to go to the gym will no longer be an excuse to commit to your fitness goals.

There are plenty of resources and tools that you can use at home without buying expensive or bulky gym equipment. For example, you can substitute different household items for weights or even use your own body weight to complete certain exercises. What’s more, YouTube provides plenty of workout video routines and most of them are available for free.

Exercising at home can help you focus better, since the environment is almost always more quiet than a busy gym. This helps you concentrate on your routine and get through it more efficiently. You can even include a meditation exercise at the end to reduce stress.

Working out at home means you can be flexible with your schedule. Since you won’t have to budget for any travel time, it's easier to develop a routine that works for you. You’re also more likely to commit to a consistent plan if you don’t have to leave the house.

What Exercises Can I Do?

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There are several exercises that you and your family can do from the comfort of home. Below is a list of a few examples, but we encourage you to do more extensive research for routines and ideas that are tailored to your specific workout goals. 


Planks mainly focus on your abdominal muscles by leveraging your own body weight. To perform them, lie face down, place your forearms parallel to the floor and hoist your body up into a flat plank or board-like position. Hold yourself up in the air for 30 seconds and you'll feel your muscles working, especially your core and shoulders!


Squats are another simple way to exercise indoors. They’re extremely effective at strengthening your thighs and glutes and don’t require any equipment at all! Just be careful to use proper form and alignment to protect your joints.


Crunches are the primary exercise performed to define and strengthen your abdominal muscles. If you have a yoga mat on hand, use it to cushion your movements. To get started, establish a set amount of crunches that works for you and do a series of repetitions. Over time, you can increase the number per set as you strengthen your abs. Be careful to protect your lower back when doing this exercise.


Push-ups consist of starting on the ground with your arms straightened, lowering your chest toward the ground while bending your elbows, and returning to the initial position by pushing your body back up off the floor. There are different types of push-ups, but in all cases your hands and feet are the primary points of support. Proper form includes keeping your biceps (upper arms) close to your body, aligning the spine and neck correctly, and placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Jumping rope

This classic childhood exercise never goes out of style. Jump ropes are cheap, and you might even already have one at your house. If you don't, you can make one out of plastic bags! To get started, jump rope in intervals, dividing either by time or number of jumps completed. Be careful with your joints when you do this exercise so you don’t damage your knees.


Yoga works for all bodies and ages and doesn't require a lot of space or materials. All you need is a mat, and maybe a foam block, cushion, or cloth strap to adapt certain poses to your level of ability. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength, and helps reduce stress. Make sure you follow the alignments so you do them properly and prevent injury.

Recommendations for Your Workout

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Have you decided to start an exercise routine from home? Here are some tips to help you meet your fitness goals.

Stretch before and after exercising

Sometimes we forget to warm-up before we exercise because we’re short on time, forgetful, or don’t realize how important it is. Stretching both before and after working out is just as important as doing the exercises themselves. It improves flexibility, range of motion, and overall performance. 

You can start by doing stretches that you usually do. This can include slowly moving your joints (knees, ankles, wrists, elbows) in circles and stretching out your different muscle groups. Do this carefully to avoid injury.

Tips to get motivated

We all know that staying motivated can be tough when it comes to working out and sticking to a plan. Here are some tips for keeping your exercise routine consistent. 

  • Plan your day. When you organize your daily schedule, you’re more likely to accomplish all the tasks you have in mind. The plan should work like a roadmap that you follow from start to finish. It can be as simple as keeping an agenda and tracking the day's activities, including a dedicated time slot for your scheduled workout.
  • Involve others. Another tip for consistent exercise is to involve friends or family so you can motivate each other to prioritize your health and physical fitness. And don't forget to include the little ones you’ve got at home! Fun activities like playing hide-and-seek are excellent ways to keep everyone moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you exercise at home and stay fit?

Of course you can! All you need to do to get fit from home is stick to your daily exercise routines and commit to a balanced diet. Decide which exercises are most appropriate for you based on your age, body type, and your medium- and long-term goals.

What materials at home can I use to train?

To perform most of the exercises in the routines mentioned above, you won't need to use materials like hand weights or barbells. Don’t forget that you can get creative and crafty, too! For example, you can make your own jump rope out of plastic bags, use a dining chair for support and assistance in certain routines, or fill empty water bottles with sand to perform exercises that require some weights. 

How can I start an exercise routine at home?

Designate an area in your home as your daily workout space. Choose your exercise routines carefully according to your age, body type, and goals. Don't forget to warm up by doing simple stretches before starting your routine. Then, just hop to it and get ready to feel fit in no time!

Get Started Today!

Your fitness journey can start whenever you want. So what are you waiting for? Don't forget that nutrition matters, too! Think of these exercises as a jumping off point to improve your physical health. A consistent exercise routine combined with a balanced diet will help you stay healthy and happy. Remember, #SABEResPODER!