Medical Care Without Health Insurance - What Are My Options?

What happens when someone gets sick in the United States and they don’t have medical insurance? 

The U.S. is the only developed country without universal healthcare, making it all the more important that you know how the healthcare system works – especially if you are one of the 28 million people in this country who don’t have health insurance.

Thankfully there’s an alternative to traditional insurance, that provides access to quality medical services for you and your family, at an affordable price. You can find all the details below.

Is it possible to access healthcare without insurance?

Although it’s possible to get medical services without coverage, health insurance helps a lot when it comes to covering parts or all of your medical expenses. With insurance, you can avoid the high costs that are often associated with doctor appointments or medical tests.

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits undocumented immigrants from purchasing health insurance plans through the state system, everyone in this country is guaranteed emergency treatment regardless of their immigration status.

Alternatively, there are health care programs like PODERsalud that can also have a significant impact on health care costs. As an alternative to traditional health insurance, PODERsalud offers discounts on prescriptions, dental, vision, and medical consultations whenever needed. With these services, you and your family can stay healthy and safe.

What type of medical services can you access with PODERsalud?

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With PODERsalud, you gain access to licensed doctors (Spanish-speaking when requested) that can offer medical consultations from the comfort of your own home, for you and your immediate family. These are some of the services available with your membership:


You’ll be able to reach a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With these services, you can care for your health at all times without leaving your home. Telemedicine services include:

  • Phone calls with a doctor
  • Medical video consultations
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Medical prescriptions when needed


Dental care is also very important to your overall health. This is why your PODERsalud membership includes big discounts in thousands of dentist offices throughout the United States. You can now save between 15% and 50% on each visit to help you care for your smile and get the dental treatments that your family needs.


Give your eyes the care they need with PODERsalud’s vision discounts. With access to optometrists across the country, you’ll be able to visit nearby providers and save between 10% and 60% on glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery and eye exams.


There may come a time that you or your loved one is unwell and the doctors recommend x-rays for a better diagnosis. With PODERsalud, you can save between 40% and 75% in image diagnostics and computerized scans. Visit one of our affiliated radiology centers and get the tests you need, at a reasonable price.

Lab work

Lab work helps doctors assess your health, learn more about the condition of your organs, and diagnose certain medical conditions. PODERsalud offers between 10% and 80% discounts on your routine exams. Your results are completely confidential and, in many cases, available within 24 hours of your test.


If you suffer from diabetes, you can save between 10% and 50% with test supplies. PODERsalud will deliver your supplies to your front door and you’ll also receive a blood glucose monitoring system for free on your first order.

Hearing aids

PODERsalud makes hearing aids affordable! With help from Retail Hearing Care and Home Delivery Hearing Aids you can find the perfect solution for your hearing needs.


You can save between 10% and 80% on your prescription medications, using the pharmacy of your choice. You’ll also have the option to order your prescriptions by mail and get free shipping.

If you need more help to pay for your medication, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you find other options.

Healthcare for undocumented immigrants

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Undocumented immigrants who don’t have access to the state health insurance marketplace have the following options to cover their medical needs:

  • Purchasing private insurance
  • Paying for their medical expenses out of pocket
  • Visiting community clinics

Private health insurance is usually more expensive than getting coverage through the state marketplace. This makes health insurance less accessible to the immigrant community.

Another option is to pay for your doctor visits out of pocket. In many cases, however, this becomes very expensive. Especially if you also have to pay for the full cost of other medical exams, treatments, or medication.

For immigrants who don’t qualify for state insurance programs and cannot afford to pay for private coverage, the U.S. government provides the following limited services through community health centers:

  • Prenatal care
  • Vaccinations for babies
  • Prescription medicine
  • Basic medical services
  • Specialized care (in certain cases)

If you need access to more medical services but your immigration status doesn’t allow you to get insurance, consider a health membership like PODERsalud. From general doctors to blood work and dental care, PODERsalud allows you to access a variety of services to take care for you and your family’s health.

How to apply to PODERsalud

The registration process is simple and easy to do on your phone, tablet, or computer. Once you’ve provided all of your information, one of our agents will contact you to finalize the registration process.

How much does the membership cost?

For only $16.95 a month PODERsalud offers benefits that help you take care of your own health and the wellbeing of your family. With your membership, you can get significant discounts on:

  • Telemedicine
  • Dental services
  • Prescription medication
  • Vision
  • X-Rays
  • Lab work
  • Diabetes supplies
  • Hearing aids

Can my whole family use it?

The PODERsalud membership includes all of your immediate family members. For only $16.95 per month, you can get coverage for your partner and your dependents under the age of 26.

Does it work throughout the United Sates?

PODERsalud is available in all states, except Vermont and Washington.

Your health comes first!

The team at SABEResPODER understands that medical care is essential to live a long and healthy life. That’s why we offer PODERsalud: a practical and affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. Sign up today and start taking care of your own health and the wellbeing of your entire family!