What Are the Requirements for a Mexican Passport?

Getting a Mexican Passport inside or outside the US is an easy and quick process. If you’re Mexican and have never applied for it—or maybe it expired or was lost—read our guide to learn what you need to get a new one.

It’s one of the most important documents and you don’t want to wait until you really need it!

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Procedure to Apply for a Mexican Passport

The process of getting your passport is relatively simple if you know the requirements and gather the necessary documents in advance. These are the steps to follow to complete the process:

  1. Schedule an appointment. Use the SREs appointment portal. You must indicate whether you wish to make your application at a Consular Office abroad or a liaison office of the SRE. You’ll then choose the date and time of your appointment depending on the availability of the selected office.
  2. Bring the necessary documents to your appointment. The records required to obtain your passport will depend on your specific case. In the following section, we'll show you which documents you might need and in which circumstances.
  3. Receive your new passport. Passports are delivered the same day if you process your passport in the US or a consulate within the US. If you initiate the process from a consulate in another country, it may take up to 30 days for your document to arrive (except for emergency passports).

First-Time Passport Issuance 

Applying for a Mexican passport for the first time is very similar to applying for a renewal or replacement passport. The main difference when you apply for it for the first time is that you must prove your Mexican nationality with documentation, such as a birth certificate or naturalization letter.

Passport Renewal

It's much simpler when it comes to renewals, as your expired passport serves as proof of your nationality. Unlike a first-time issuance, you don’t need to present another document proving your nationality.


In addition to complying with all the standard requirements, all minors must present themselves with their legal guardian(s). The father, mother, or guardian must prove their identity by showing a valid official identification that matches the name mentioned on the minor's birth certificate or letter of naturalization (with copy). Valid documents for this purpose are:

  • Mexican passport
  • National Electoral Institute (INE/IFE) voting card
  • Professional license
  • Professional degree
  • Letter of internship
  • Released National Military Service ID card
  • National Institute for the Elderly (INAPAM) credential
  • Identity card
  • Certificate of high-security consular registration
  • Letter of naturalization
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality
  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth
  • Credentials for medical services from a public health or social security institution
  • Credential for retirees or pensioners
  • National credential for People with Disabilities
  • Foreign passport
  • Visitor's or resident's card issued by the National Immigration Institute (INM)

Required Documents

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We suggest that you get the necessary documents for your procedure even before making the appointment at your nearest office. The documents that the Mexican government may ask you to provide for the issuance of a passport are:

Proof of Mexican Nationality

Only Mexican nationals may apply for a passport from the Mexican government. Therefore, if you're applying for a passport for the first time, you must prove your nationality before the Liaison Office or Consular Office by presenting one of the following documents

  • Certified birth certificate issued by the Mexican Civil Registry Office (original)
  • Certified birth certificate issued by a Consular Office (original)
  • Letter of naturalization (in original and copy)
  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth (original and copy)
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality (original and copy)

Keep in mind: You’ll need to present additional information when your birth certificate has been issued three years after you were born.

Proof of Identity

Government agencies need to issue passports to ensure that applicants are who they say they are. To prove your identity, you must present at least one of the following documents in original and copy:

  • Voting Credential from the National Electoral Institute (INE/IFE)
  • Professional License
  • Professional Degree
  • Letter of Graduation
  • Released National Military Service Identity Card
  • Credential from the National Institute for the Elderly (INAPAM)
  • Identity Card
  • High-Security Consular Registration Certificate
  • Letter of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Mexican Nationality
  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth
  • Credential for medical services from a public health or social security institution
  • Credential for retirees or pensioners
  • National credential for people with disabilities

Payment Receipt

The cost of issuing a Mexican passport will depend on the expiration date you request (see below for prices). If the process is carried out in Mexican territory, the costs will be in Mexican pesos; otherwise, they’ll be in U.S. dollars. 

In Mexico, you’ll be able to make the fee payment at any bank branch; but abroad, the local office will tell you how to make this payment. Once you’ve done so, be sure to keep your receipt as it’ll be necessary to complete your application. 

Certified CURP

You can obtain the Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP), a document that all Mexican citizens can receive free of charge through the Internet. If you still don't have a copy of this document, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter: https://www.gob.mx/curp/ 
  2. Click on the tab that says: "Personal Data"
  3. Enter your information in the form
  4. Be sure to fill out the Captcha/Security question
  5. Click on "Search"
  6. Verify that the displayed information is correct.
  7. Click on "Download PDF"
  8. Print the document you’ve downloaded (the file’s name is "curp.pdf")

Application for an Ordinary Mexican Passport (For Consular Offices)

If you’re applying in any of the Mexican Consular Offices in the US, you must present this form. We want to emphasize that you shouldn't fill out the signature and fingerprint fields before your appointment, since these two pieces of information must be printed in front of the consular officer who will finalize your file.

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Addition of Spouse’s Last Name (Optional)

Suppose you’d like to update your passport with your spouse's last name. In that case, you must present the marriage certificate issued by the Mexican Civil Registry or by a Mexican Consular Office (original and copy). Please note that this is entirely optional and that your spouse's last name will appear in a separate field.

When Does It Expire?

Ordinary Mexican passports are issued with different validity periods depending on the applicant's age and preferences:

  • Children under 3 years of age: 1 or 3 years
  • Over 3 years and under 18 years old: 3 or 6 years
  • 18 years and older: 3, 6, or 10 years

Mexican Passport Costs

As mentioned above, the cost for issuing a Mexican passport is variable and depends on the expiration date you request and the country where you apply for it. There are also discounts for certain groups of people. The following are the costs established by the government for 2021:


Regular cost in Mexico (MXN)(1)

Cost in Mexico with discount (MXN)(1,2)

Cost at Consular Offices (USD)(3)

Cost at Consular Offices with discount


1 year(5)





3 years





6 years





10 years





  1. Source.
  2. Discount in Mexico is offered to people over 60 years of age, people with disabilities, and agricultural workers in Canada.
  3. Source.
  4. The 50% discount at Consular Offices is offered to persons over 60 years of age.
  5. Passports valid for 1 year are only issued to children under 3 years of age (both in Mexico and abroad) or in cases of protection (only abroad).
  6. The discount for passports valid for 10 years doesn’t apply to agricultural workers.

What to Do in Case of Theft or Loss

You must notify the corresponding authorities as soon as possible if your passport has been lost or stolen. Remember that this document is crucial and that reporting this event will protect you from any misuse of your identification.

If you're in Mexico, you should go to the nearest public prosecutor's office to file a report. If you’re abroad, go to a police station or equivalent authority. In both cases, you must request proof of your report, which’ll be necessary to complete the renewal process.

Remember that the SRE will again request proof of nationality for passport renewals in which the original document hasn’t expired.

Now that you know the requirements for obtaining your Mexican passport, do you feel prepared to apply for one? Remember that this document is one of the best ways to prove your identity anywhere in the world. If you have any questions about this or other topics, don’t hesitate to contact our experts in the SABEResPODER chat:

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