Discover helpful information and earn cash rewards!

Fast and easy cash rewards!

Our Rewards program provides you with short, easy surveys or guides, and pays you for answering short questions. It’s really that easy!

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Earn cash rewards by sharing your opinion, taking a short educational course, or simply by referring a friend!

Accessible to all

No matter your familiarity with these topics, the Earn program is for everyone. Whether you’re a newcomer or have lived in the U.S. for decades.


invests in you

Learn and Earn.Learn and Earn courses aren’t just about cash rewards, they’ll help you make more informed decisions when opening a bank account, buying healthcare services and much more!

Share your opinion and earn.By answering surveys (and getting paid!), you’re helping companies build more tailored products for the community. Participate today and start making your voice heard!

Grow the community and earn (coming soon).If you love SABEResPODER then consider sharing it with your friends and family. We’ll give you a referral bonus for each person that signs up to one of our products.

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Digital Banking for the Latino Community

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Digital Banking for the Latino Community

Discover helpful information and earn cash rewards!

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Marco V.

Chicago, IL

I’ve participated in a number of surveys, 15-20 of them, and I’ve earned around $300-$400 and that’s been more accessible with the PODERcard.


We offer a variety of topics to learn about, however our focus are on a couple of key areas that impact everyone - finance and healthcare. Everyone needs to earn enough to support their family, and they need to keep them safe and healthy. We know this can sometimes be challenging in the U.S., that’s why we offer incentivized education around these topics.

The Latino community continues to grow and our influence grows with it. That’s why brands want to know more about our needs and challenges. Your opinion is incredibly valuable, so you should be paid for it, it’s as simple as that.

Members can make on average between $0.50 and $5.00 per completed survey. Payment amount depends on the survey length and partner.